Summary: The sequel to Riot's Underground Battlefront. Narek, Vino, and the troop leaders were proceeding with the preparation of birthday presents.
Narek: Oi! You guys aren't late with the preparations for tomorrow, are you?
Vino: We're ready, Narek.

But what's more, about forgetting to tell me that my little flower is coming, I would like you to repent for that.

Narek: She might make it to Riot's birthday celebration.
Vino: Then I won't have time to go on a date with my little flower!
Narek: Well, you can comfort yourself by looking at my most coolest portrait.
Vino: That doesn't make me feel better at all!
Narek: What was that~~!
Mihart: ...Lord Narek is the same as ever, isn't he.
Karbo: Well, isn't it good for peace if he's just keen on portraits?
Mihart: But why do I have to be temporarily roped in into Riot's birthday...!
Karbo: You and I were in the royal capital at the same time, and Riot as well. That's rare, so it's fine.
Mihart: Hmph! I'll defeat right now the likes of someone who is too carefree in the capital.
Karbo: You say that, but you've diligently prepared a birthday present. Or maybe I should say, you've really grown up well.
Mihart: But it's natural to bring birthday presents to a birthday celebration.
Karbo: It sure is.
Narek: Oi, were you talking about birthday gifts for Riot just now?
Mihart: Yes, we have prepared them, your highness.
Narek: Impossible...

You're not giving him a portrait too, are you!!

Vino: Only Narek would give one as a present.
Karbo: ...If I saw Mihart's portrait hanging on the wall when I visit Riot's house...I'm confident that I would collapse...
Mihart: It is not a portrait, but an epaulet that will increase his strength, so please do not worry.
Narek: I see, that's fine, then!

If you planned on giving him a portrait,

It would have been unfavorable comparison when compared to mine!

Vino: Yes yes. Uh-huh, that's rightー.
Narek: Among my new portraits, I chose the best seven.
Vino: It's still hard to see the differences this time!
Mihart: ...All seven of them looked the same...
Karbo: ...They did say that the storage location was difficult, come to think of itー.
Narek: Riot! You should accept them gratefully!!
Vino: A-ha-ha. Good luck, Riot.
Karbo: ...ah. Will he go out for drinks tonight?
Mihart: If he is, then next time I'm going to win at drinking!
Karbo: Aren't you going to stop the drinking games!? It's too bad, because it's absolutely going to be me!
Riot: ...

I have a bad feeling.